Autumn groups: West Norfolk Music Centre waives fees

The Trustees of West Norfolk Music Centre have decided to waive all group membership fees this term, and to invite members to make donations instead.

At this time of uncertainty, we cannot be sure that our groups will continue to run for the whole term. We are monitoring legislation and guidance, and the local situation, closely and we will continue decide, week to week, whether we can and should remain open.

We also recognise that we cannot offer the full Music Centre experience this term, with limited numbers and equipment, social distancing, and no refreshments or breaks for socialising. In terms of economic impact, some members may be affected more than others, and we do not want to exclude members who are facing uncertainty in their income or jobs at this time.

Music Centre remains in a strong financial position, thanks to the generosity of the legacy of Michael Janson and Varuni Roberts, and we are therefore in a position to waive our usual charges this term. However, there are still costs involved in running the groups (rent, staff, teachers), and we will be without some of our usual sources of income (refreshments, concert tickets), so we are inviting members to contribute to our ongoing costs if they can.

Members who take individual lessons are eligible for free group membership as usual, and lesson fees are currently reduced for those taking lessons online or at home.

We are currently working towards registration with HMRC, so as to allow us to claim Gift Aid on donations, but in the meantime donations via PayPal Giving Fund are eligible for Gift Aid.

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