Make More Music

For children and young people just starting to learn an instrument, come and join our new starter band and singing group, and make more music! Playing in a group is a great way to develop your playing skills, as well as learning how to play together and to read music. Singing will help you learn pitch, rhythm and the other elements of music.

On Saturdays from April 2022, the starter band (10.30am to 11.10am) and singing group (11.20am to midday) will be open to new members. There are no auditions, and you certainly don’t need to be an expert — even if you have only learnt one or two notes on your instrument, we’ll make sure that you can take part.

We don’t have a strict age limit for the group; we expect most members will be in School Years 5 to 8. As members develop as musicians, they will be able to move on to our intermediate and community groups at no extra charge. Membership is £20 a term (equivalent to £2 a week) for primary-age children, and £30 a term (equivalent to £3 a week) for children at secondary school.

See our flyer and poster below:

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