All members pay a termly membership fee, giving access to all our music groups. Members can also take up individual lessons at a competitive rate. Theory classes are an optional extra.

Our fees from September 2021 are:


Membership (adults)

£40 per term

Membership (children and young people – school years 7 to 13)

£30 per term

Membership (children – up to school year 6)

£20 per term

Also available to members:

Individual half-hour lessons

£112 per 10-week term

(equivalent to £11.20 per lesson)

Theory Class

£44 per term

Please note that individual lessons must be booked by the term, although we can accept half-termly payment. If you are unable to attend a lesson for any reason, we still have to pay the teacher, so we do not offer a refund or credit. However, if you can give plenty of advance notice of your absence, we can sometimes offer a flexible alternative (e.g. a double lesson where another student happens to be absent, or a lesson at another time). If your teacher is unable to attend a lesson, we will normally offer a credit against future lessons.

Fees are reviewed annually.

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