Music Groups

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You can join our music groups for free if you also have lessons with us, or for a small charge if you don’t.

The available groups are listed below. Where a grade level is indicated, you are likey to be comfortable in the group if you are playing music around this level. We do not require you to have taken any exams, and there are no auditions. You are welcome to try out with a group to find out whether it suits you.

To join a group, contact us.

9.30 Brass Group Grade 1+
9.30 Sax Group Grade 3+
10.00 Beginner Band Grade 1-3
10.00 Workshop Age 4-11
10.30 West Norfolk Youth Choir Age 7-14
11.30 Theory of Music (advanced) Working towards grade 5
10.50 Wind Band  Grade 4+
11.20 String Ensemble Grade 4+
11.20 Beginner Recorders Pre-grade 1
11.20 Intermediate Recorders Grade 1+
11.30 Theory of Music (beginners) Working towards grade 5
11.50 Orchestra Grade 4+
12.10 String Group Pre-grade 1+
12.10 Starter Group Recorder Lesson Complete beginners
12.40 Rock/Pop Group Any age or standard
12.40 Senior Choir Age 11+



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